Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hotels in Kolkata

Kolkata, formerly called Calcutta, is one of India's largest metropolis and is generally regarded since the country's cultural capital. The city can be fabled for having India's largest and oldest railway station-the Howrah Station. Continue reading to learn more on the city and also take a look at the right hotels in Kolkata near Hawrah railway station. Three star Hotels in Kolkata
Kolkata or Calcutta because it was once known is one of the finest preserved colonial cities of India. Kolkata was also the initial capital of Undivided India throughout the erstwhile British Raj. The city is just a splendid exemplory instance of the old living in harmony with the new. Alongside time warping lanes you will see swanky malls and with jazz clubs you can have rock concerts. Kolkata has numerous attractions like famous Victoria Memorial a lovely reminder of colonial subjugation, Indian Museum-India's oldest museum, the iconic Howrah Bridge, Maidan and of course Eden Garden considered the Mecca of Indian cricket and the website of several historic cricketing battles.
Kolkata like all of the metros is well linked to the rest of the country and its public transit system can be quite efficient. The key railway station may be the Howrah station that is one of many oldest railway stations of India. The station is on the banks of the Hooghly River and can be near to the Howrah Bridge. There is a taxi stand and bus stop just away from station and also a ferry system that takes visitors to one other side of the river. The ferry and the bus system are the lowest priced and their prices are fixed but you need to be careful of taxis as they might charge exorbitant rates for nearby places. Therefore decide the rates in advance or ask a traffic police or any uniformed personnel. There are a few good hotels near Howrah station offering all of the major amenities are also well recommended. Remaining in budget hotels in Kolkata near railway station has many advantages. The hotels could be easy to get at and staying nearby also reduces your cab costs significantly. Plus you may also save your valuable precious time by avoiding cabs as traffic jams in Kolkata can be very long and stifling. Below are two good budget hotels in Kolkata near railway station that you can check out. 3 star Hotels in Kolkata
Good Kolkata Hotels near Railway Station
Hotel Royal Garden is one of many popular budget hotels in Kolkata near railway station. Situated in Park Street far away of nearly 6kms from Howrah station, it has been recommended by former customers because of its location and facilities. Hotel facilities include a cafe, bar, internet facility, etc. The rooms are fully furnished and rates start from Rs.1500.
Hotel Park Inn is another on the list of fine budget hotels in Kolkata that is located in Talbagan Lane. The hotel enjoys almost 70% customer recommendation which means 7 out of 10 would stay here again. The hotels location and its standard of service have already been widely appreciated by guests. It has a multi cuisine restaurant and internet facility. It gives well equipped rooms that costs up to Rs.1200.

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