Thursday, June 9, 2016

hcg injections

The IVF process can begin with stimulating increased egg production and might help infertile couples create a family of the own. Ovaries are stimulated with drugs to help with egg production and you can find other medications that assist prepare the uterine lining for the eggs to burrow themselves into. The eggs are likely to be retrieved once fertilization happens and the embryos are then surgically implanted back in a woman's uterus for hopes of ultimately causing a few having a baby 9 months later. The suppression of the pituitary will probably be done with several IVF medications and you will see daily injections taken for some weeks. The daily hormones include stimulating several eggs as well as  preparing the body. This enables a few more chances to have a child rather than once a month. hcg injections
Antagonist Protocol
The antagonist can quite often be looked at as somewhat related to the agonist. However, with this, Lupron is not likely to be utilized to stimulate egg growth as you can find other choices utilized. These newer drugs take one day rather than the traditional 10 days with Lupron. There can be a few advantages to doing it this way as you can find not as many injections on a regular basis and you can find even some professionals that tend to believe that decreased suppression of the pituitary can in fact help to improve the ovary's in a few women that are a little low on their eggs. These drugs are known as Cetrotide as well as Ganirelix. When it comes to the agonist option, there is a shot of HCG before the eggs are retrieved.
Natural IVF
Using the natural IVF method involves utilizing a woman's eggs and pairing them as well as a man's sperm. You will find not likely to be any drug protocols to help with stimulating egg production. You will find no hormones either and this implies simply using the egg that's released each month and then paired with the sperm. This includes lower IVF fees and costs which is often less stressful and can allow a coupe to partake in more cycles. This can also though come with a lower chance of being pregnant. hcg diet
Flare Protocol
This kind of protocol may be used when other IVF cycles and protocols have not worked. The drug Lupron can be used however it is given in much smaller amounts. This will probably help with releasing more FSH that'll come from the pituitary and will probably help with stimulating ovarian responses. Lupron is taken and then days following high levels of other hormones drugs are taken that assist with stimulating more egg growth. The Lupron will be taken until it comes time for the HCG shit. This particular protocol helps with natural production as well as the injections which are made to help produce high quality eggs and follicles that assist to improve the chances of getting a child.

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