Sunday, June 12, 2016

banc de swiss

Swiss banks and Swiss private banking are recognized as the ultimate resource for high net worth individuals, used by the rich and famous, sports stars and big corporations. Despite recent attacks on offshore banking in Switzerland, Swiss private bankers still maintain the decades-old reputation for confidentiality and security. tjäna pengar på binära optioner
The Swiss cities of Zurich and Geneva are world well-known for the private banking services they give - as well as a great many other smaller cities which manage wealth on the scale of global financial centres.
What sets Swiss banking apart?
Its reputation for banking expertise, and obviously the bank secrecy law. Swiss bank secrecy, codified into law by the 1934 Swiss banking Act, has ushered billions of dollars into Swiss banks - wealth fleeing from corrupt governments, excessive taxes, and the threat of frivolous litigation
A number frequently overestimated is the total amount of''black''profit swiss bank accounts. Just a tiny fraction of profit Swiss banks has criminal origins. The simple truth is, most investors like banking in Switzerland because of its security. When it comes to putting wealth in a safe place, the Swiss franc and Swiss banking are preferred 99% of the time.
However, bank secrecy in Switzerland is not as strong since it once was. For a long time the large corporations have known that depending on bank secrecy in any one jurisdiction is just a recipe for disaster. That's why they no further bank or incorporate solely in a single country. When it comes to the HNWI, the same rules apply. 24option
Unfortunately, travelling to distant tax havens and creating multiple trusts and offshore companies is sufficient work for a tax accountant - never mind the ultimate beneficiary. What many are really searching for is ways to simplify all of this, an exclusive bank account that keeps your identity secret and your money secure.
An answer increasingly employed is international trust banking. Once you bank with an offshore trust company you may make large transfers without hassle or excessive paperwork. Clients can send wires and make private investments in the name of the trust company to ensure that their identities remain confidential. On top of that, trust company law is separate from bank secrecy laws - and protects your identity aside from changes in bank secrecy - wherever you select to bank. banc de swiss
If you're seeking to invest while keep your identity confidential, or simply for a safe option to swiss banking, trust banking might be your solution.

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