Wednesday, March 30, 2016

fishing tee shirt

As well as my rod, reel, tackle and bait, there are many items I always try to remember to take along for each day on the beach fishing. Since your mind is on fishing, it's not hard to remember the essentials. I always carry along a tiny cooler with selection of soft drinks, beer, juice and bottled water. Understand that alcohol dehydrates the human body, so be careful in your consumption and drink plenty of water as well fishing tee shirt.
If I am planning to be out greater than a few hours, I take along some snacks. Cheese crackers, nuts, and trail mix make good snacks with both carbohydrates and protein for quick energy. Beef jerky is a good protein snack that packs light with low carbs and calories and great protein.
I always take my sunscreen, sunglasses and a cap or cap to block the sun. Overexposure to the sun may be painful and have long term affects, such as for example skin cancer and wrinkling of skin in old age. UV radiation may also cause injury to your eyes, so get a good pair of polarized UA and UVB protective sunglasses to guard your eyes, plus a wide brimmed cap or hat. If it's a warm day and I am likely to fish in a tee shirt, I will need along a lightweight jacket or long sleeve shirt to cover my arms and shoulders. I have actually been sunburned previously by wearing a tee shirt all day in the sun.
When taking along your dog or pet, once we often do, be sure to bring plenty of water and a pan for them to drink from. Also, remember to greatly help them find shade on the hot sunny days. Since dogs do not sweat, they must exhale to get rid of body heat. Keep a close watch on your pets, and if they pant or breathe heavily, you made need certainly to take them off the beach. Also, try to keep them from drinking sea water since the salt content may be harmful to pets.
Two essentials that I always take are a comfortable beach chair and a great book. In over 30 years of surf fishing, I have experienced very few days once the fish were biting constantly all day long. So for anyone breaks in the fishing, that chair and book, provide rest and entertainment. For more tips on surf fishing and beach going funny fishing t shirts ,
About Us
Dan Bryant was born and raised close to the coast of North Carolina. Until he went off to college he never lived significantly more than 45 minutes from the beach. He fished and hunted the coastal regions of North Carolina as a young child, spending his spare time looking for rabbit, squirrel, deer, duck and goose and fishing the coastal rivers, estuaries and beaches.
In early 1970s Dan moved the mountains of Western North Carolina. At once he and his wife became enamored of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. They began making several trips annually to the Outer Banks to savor the surf, sand, the seafood, the fishing and the water fowl hunting.
For pretty much forty years Dan has fished the Outer Banks of North Carolina from Nags Head to Ocracoke Inlet. He's fished offshore trolling for big game fish, bottom fished and gone out on Party Boats. He's fished and gigged the sound for flounder and surf fished from Nags Head to Ocracoke for Red Drum and Blue Fish. Dan has caught almost every species of Atlantic fish prying the waters of the Outer Banks.

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