Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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Every year, avid cruisers from around the world eagerly anticipate the day in January when their Holland America world cruise adventure begins in Ft. Lauderdale. Lots of the travelers are experiencing the thrill of spending almost a year cruising and visiting intriguing destinations for initially, while others return year after year to the Holland America world cruise to attempt a classic and treasured trip that is part of these annual traditions. While many senior "snowbirds" in the country venture to warmer climates for winter months such as for example Florida or Arizona, these savvy cruisers opt to spend their 112 day winter break exploring new cities, embracing different cultures and enjoying ship life. escorts Perth
Cruise Specialists provides their guests with a mysterious send-off for their journey by hosting a glamorous Bon Voyage gala and hotel overnight in Ft. Lauderdale the night time before the elegant flagship ms Amsterdam sets sail. The gala is just a special evening of celebration and reunion as first time world cruisers are welcomed to the group by the Cruise Specialists team, while veteran cruisers are giddy with excitement because they meet up with old friends and travel companions.
Throughout the 2012 Holland America world cruise, Cruise Specialists guests will enjoy the organization and guidance of the company's two venerable world cruise escorts, Tom Mullen and Ellen Bethel. Tom has been escorting the Holland America world cruise for 15 years with over 31 total years at sea, and Ellen for 9 years, and both bring an insider's knowledge and perspective on traveling the world by sea. Along with Cruise Specialists'extras with this sailing such as for example onboard escorts and commemorative gifts, guests are invited to attend Cruise Specialists hosted cocktail parties, chat times and several complimentary group shore excursions during their voyage. Perth Escorts
The 2012 Holland America world cruise itinerary covers major ports in South America, the South Pacific, Australia, Asia, and Europe before time for Ft. Lauderdale where it all began. Travelers will visit iconic cities like Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Sydney, Australia; Hong Kong, China; Bombay, India; Naples, Italy; and Barcelona, Spain, as well as venture into more exotic lesser-known places like the Falkland Islands; the Antarctic Sound; the Chilean Fjords; Pago Pago, American Samoa; Komodo Island, Indonesia; and Colombo, Sri Lanka. When a cruiser's feet hits the land, they'll wish to make the most of a number of the special shore excursion options available only through Cruise Specialists. Click here
As the ship sails between all these remarkable ports, vacationers will have plenty of time to savor a mix of active and relaxing days on the ms Amsterdam. The ship features a culinary art center, Greenhouse spa and salon, Queen's show lounge, a fitness center, and numerous formal and casual restaurants and bars. Whether a person desires to take a yoga class, watch a cooking demonstration, tune in to a renowned guest lecturer, or simply read an excellent book in the library or check their email in the café, they'll have plenty to do before they arrive at their next destination.

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